BackWatcher only processes your webcam images on your PC


The BackWatcher App is certified by Microsoft at each update


No need to carry a wearable device or a posture corrector

Don't end up with
hunchback posture

Spending hours on your computer viciously affects your posture.
BackWatcher reinforces postive habits and avoids muscle wasting contrary to classic brace posture correctors.

No need to choose between your health and your productivity

Only focus on your tasks. BackWatcher will warn you as soon as you have bad posture.

Best privacy policy

Your privacy is priceless.
We only depend on our users for our revenue. The app works offline and all webcam images are processed on your PC, BackWatcher is secured and certified for each update by Microsoft. Read the privacy policy


"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn

Pay once for a lifetime change
Unlimited posture tracking
Pause reminder
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Thanks for what your doing! Your app is truly incredible and I can’t wait to see where it goes and help you improve it through feedback and usage.

Evan, Sophomore in high school, US

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About Us

My name is Chaker. I am the founder of BackWatcher and I live in France. I am a student in the French Engineering school Mines Nancy.

As I spend so many hours on my PC I noticed that I have developed a hunchback posture. I didn't found a satisfying solution so I decided to use my webcam to remind me to stop slouching. Instead of using a small personal executable, I thought that many people could be in the same situation. So I decided to develop a distributable and secured app for everyone.

As using a webcam for an app is sensitive I chose to partner with Microsoft to make the app secured. Thanks to your support I can pursue the development of BackWatcher, I plan to build a macOS and Mobile BackWatcher app versions.

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